Explore the Beauty of Patenga Sea Beach

Patenga Sea Beach is one of Bangladesh’s most beautiful and famous sea beaches. It is located 14 kilometers from Chittagong and is easily accessible to tourists, increasing its popularity daily.

Located at the estuary of Karnaphuli river and sea, Patenga is a stunning sunrise or sunset view. Especially the time of the afternoon, sunset and evening will be good. Rows of small and big ships waiting for Chittagong port bring a difference in the atmosphere here.

Patenga has speedboats to explore the sea. There are sea bikes and horses to explore the beach. There is a Burmese market for shopping. There are all kinds of delicious street food to eat.

Shah Amanat International Airport, Bangladesh Navy Base, many jetties of Chittagong Port, and Butterfly Park are close to Patenga Beach. Since these places are close, you can visit them together. This Patenga beach in the Chittagong district is a beautiful place to spend a good time with friends or family.

How to go:
If you want to go to Patenga, you must zatra to Chittagong first. From Chittagong, you can go to Patenga beach in different ways.

Dhaka to Chittagong:
Chittagong can be reached from Dhaka by road, rail, and air. From Dhaka Sayedabad Bus Terminal Saudia, Unique, Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli, Sohag, S. Alam, Modern Line, etc., AC-Non AC buses of various buses leave for Chittagong. Depending on the class, the bus fares range from Tk 900 to Tk 2500 per seat.

Suppose you want to travel to Chittagong by train from Dhaka. In that case, you can travel by Sonar Bangla, Suborn Express, Turna-Nishitha, Mahanagar Prabhati/Godhuli, Chittagong Mail from Kamalapur, or Airport Railway Station. Besides, several airlines operate direct flights from Dhaka to Chittagong.

Chittagong from different districts:
There are arrangements to come to Chittagong from almost all the country’s districts. To go to Patenga Beach, you can drive to Chittagong.

Chittagong to Patenga:
Patenga is located 14 km south of Chittagong Zero Point. You can go to Patenga by car, CNG, or local bus from Chittagong city. It will take about an hour to get from Chittagong city. If you use CNG, the rent will be 250-300 Tk.

If you want to go by bus, local buses to Sea Beach are available from several places, including Newmarket, Railway Station Road, Bahaddarhat, Lalkhan Bazar Mor, GEC Mor, and Chawk Bazar Mor.

If you want to go from in front of Chittagong railway station, you will get bus number 6 if you wait a while. But ask if it will go to the sea beach. You can also go if the bus goes to Freeport or Kathgarh. From there you can go to the beach by easy bike.

One-Day Trip to Patenga:
If you want from Dhaka, you can visit any other place, including Patenga, in one day and return. In that case, you must leave by night train or bus from Dhaka. Reached Chittagong in the morning, had breakfast and went for Patenga first.

Visit there and come back in the afternoon and have a meal. Then come to Dhaka by Sonar Bangla train or bus.

Where to dine:
There are street food stalls at Patenga Sea Beach. Several delicious dishes are available such as Vajapora, Peyazoo, crab fry, and sea fish fry. Besides, you will get fast food items to eat in food courts.

If you want to taste the traditional food of Chittagong, you can come to Chittagong city and stay at Hotel Zaman. And if you want to eat mezban, you can go to “Mezban Haile Ayyoun” restaurant in Chowkbazar.

Chittagong city also has several good quality restaurants, including Barcode Cafe, Milenge Restaurant, Greedy Guts, Cafe 88, Seven Days, Dhaba, Handi, Golf Garden Restaurant, Coastal Mermaid Restaurant & Lounge, Bonanza Port Restaurant, etc.

Where to stay:
There are not many options to stay in Patenga. Chittagong city usually, tourists come to Chittagong city to stay overnight. For a better stay near the beach, stay at Butterfly Park Resort. It will cost four thousand to seven thousand takas to stay here. Also, if you want to stay near Patenga at a low cost, you should stay in a mid-range hotel in the CEPZ area.

And if you move to Chittagong, you will find many hotels of different quality here. You can check out any hotel and spend the night safely according to your choice and budget. Paramount room rents from 800 taka to 1800 taka.

Hotel vacation room rent is 1200 to 2000 taka. Hotel Lord’s Inn, C&B GEC Mor, per room rent from Tk 2000 to Tk 7000. Hotel Asian SR room rent 1500 to 4000 taka. If you want to spend the night at Hotel Landmark in Agrabad, you must spend a minimum of 2500 taka per room. And if you’re going to stay at Hotel Radisson Blu, you have to pay 18000 Tk for one night.

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